Residential Sale

Since 1977, Emerald Escrow has been instrumental in turning the homeownership aspirations of families in the Inland Empire into reality. With a robust history spanning over four decades, our expertise shines as the foremost option for professional residential sales services in Corona and its neighboring areas. We take pride in delivering unmatched services for all our single-family and residential escrow clients, ensuring a seamless and prosperous journey toward homeownership.

New Housing Tracts

Since our inception, we've witnessed the remarkable growth of the Inland Empire and have been a steadfast provider of exceptional escrow services throughout this transformation. As more resident’s venture beyond the Los Angeles area, the significance of your latest multifamily housing construction or refinance has never been greater. At Emerald Escrow, we offer developers and principals a streamlined process for new housing tract escrow, facilitated by our highly trained agents.


Refinancing involves settling an existing mortgage by obtaining a new loan, often to secure a lower interest rate, decreased mortgage payments, or more favorable loan terms. The refinance process bears similarities to a home purchase, omitting home inspections but necessitating escrow services in a similar fashion. With comprehensive expertise and skills, Emerald Escrow a division of Lawyers Title, stands as a full-service escrow company adept at handling various types of refinance transactions.

Bulk Sales

Distinguishing itself from real estate transactions, the sale of a business involves the transfer of personal property. Governed by the Bulk Sale Code within the Uniform Commercial Code of California, the business escrow process follows specific regulations. This includes the mandatory publication of a Notice to Creditors for a minimum required period. The conclusion of escrow typically aligns with the day the Buyer assumes possession. Navigating this intricate process, Emerald Escrow a division of Lawyers Title, is well-equipped to guide you, ensuring a secure and successful transaction.

Commercial Industrial

Dealing with commercial and industrial transactions involves addressing unique challenges. The seasoned officers at Emerald Escrow a division of Lawyers Title, bring years of experience to navigate even the most complex transactions. Our dedicated team of escrow officers is skilled at foreseeing challenges, adhering to deadlines, and resolving issues, ensuring a successful and seamless closing process. It's this demonstrated reliability that earns the trust of brokers and principals, making Emerald Escrow the go-to choice for expertly managing commercial and industrial real estate escrows.

Short Sales, REO and Corporate Owned

At Emerald Escrow a division of Lawyers Title, our objective is to deliver accurate, unbiased, and professional escrow services tailored for short sales, real estate-owned (REO), and corporate-owned transactions. We are unwavering in our commitment to staying informed about new legislation, technology advancements, and industry trends. Above all, we value listening to the unique needs of our customers and ensuring they are kept professionally informed.

Mobile Homes

For many buyers, acquiring a mobile home is a dream come true, given its affordability as a housing option. If you're eager to take ownership of your home and place it on your chosen land, reaching out to Emerald Escrow a division of Lawyers Title, is a wise step. Now is an opportune time to delve into the escrow and title research process, especially if it's a requirement set by your lender for the purchase of the land or mobile home. Our escrow agents are ready to assist you in satisfying these requirements and guiding you through the process.